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Fund Development

It begins with listening to what matters most to your organization, then offering specific advice to identify, execute and ultimately achieve your goals.
Assessments and Development Plans

For a fund development program to be successful, it must be well organized, managed and monitored. Too often organizations focus their time and energy on where they want to go without first implementing the systems and strategies they need to get there. A thorough assessment of your development program will highlight challenges, uncover opportunities and provide the foundation to create a plan that will take your organization to the next level.

Stewardship Plans

Donor stewardship is the process of cultivating relationships once a donor has already given to your organization. It involves managing gifts as donors intended, updating donors on the progress and impact of their gifts and deepening the relationship to ensure long-term donor retention. 

Stewarding existing donors is paramount to a sustainable and reliable funding stream. Organizations that are too preoccupied with attracting new donors may overlook those who are already committed to their mission. A well thought out and executed stewardship plan provides a more financially secure operational environment, a valued and loyal donor base, and a more judicious dedication of resources toward donor recruitment. Likewise, those who are already supporting your organization will see a direct connection between their gift and your organization's outcomes and more likely to recommend the organization to others. 

Campaign Readiness and Feasibility Studies

Contemplating a campaign? Not sure how to start? A campaign readiness assessment or feasibility study will help you determine if your organization has the capacity to launch a successful campaign. 

This includes evaluating internal readiness and identifying external opportunities. In addition to providing your organization with valuable insights, feasibility studies are a worthwhile tool for cultivating relationships with current and potential donors.

Campaign Counsel

Receive the support you need to execute a successful campaign by following a tailored systematic approach from conception and design to implementation. Engaging an accountability partner, will help your organization stay on track and avoid common pitfalls that can stall your efforts at the expense of precious resources. 

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Coaching and Interim Development Management

One of the most challenging and important responsibilities of nonprofit boards and executive directors is attracting and retaining development talent.

Even the most seasoned development professionals need backup on occasion. Personalized coaching can provide guidance during uncertain times or periods of growth. Just like a personal trainer at the gym, the right coach can keep you motivated, highlight your successes, offer advice and provide the encouragement you need to perform at your highest level.

Interim Development Management

During times of transition, a temporary partnership will help minimize the disruption to your fund development efforts. Yes, staff members move on – but donors still need to be stewarded, campaigns executed, employees managed and revenue targets achieved.

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Board Governance

Governance is a leadership practice, and to function effectively, board members should have a clear understanding of their roles and responsibilities. One of the challenges for many board members and nonprofit leaders is the practical application of governance roles and responsibilities.

Most board members join a nonprofit organization with enthusiasm and passion for the mission. Surprisingly, many are unable to articulate what their actual roles and responsibilities include.

Providing governance training, systems and tools help position board members to govern more effectively and ultimately fulfill their duty to make an impact.

Retreat Facilitation

Ideally, nonprofit boards should gather once a year to review accomplishments, identify challenges and plan for the coming year. We provide customized retreats that focus on your organization’s strategic direction, policies, oversight, board and committee structure and/or fundraising techniques.

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